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Twilight, Spike's been slacking off on tagging the ask replies!

((Actually, that was me, the mod of the blog.  So I figured I’d quickly help explain where things are currently with this blog since I’ve been slacking in the tags, the replies have been kinda meh, and I didnt answer questions yesterday.

Truth be told, answering these questions doesnt come as easy as it used to be.  It used to be a case of I’d be able to rattle through 10 questions at least in a day without thinking twice, whereas now it takes me a while to think of a good reply, and then it doesnt come out as good as I thought it would be.

Even the tagging has gone lazy.  I used to tag who was in the post, and also a bit of information to help people find certain subjects, then it went to just who was in the post.

Long story short, kinda lost the muse, so taking a slight hiatus for now on this blog.  I may return one day soon, but for now I need the rest for my brain.))

(*The billboard has changed again. To most, it looks like an image of Celestia. Those who know of his existence can see the real image: Azathoth wearing female lingerie, along with a lampshade on his head. He is dancing a jig and trying to kiss the Elder One.*)

Thrackerzod: …I see what everyone else sees, and nothing else!

*sings the following to the tune of yellow submarine* ♬ We all live in an ideocracy, ideocracy ideocracy. We all live in.... .. ♬ *continues for 3 hours as I stroll down Mane St. of Ponyville.*

T.S.: Thankfully thats not as annoying as it sounds, given you’d have to follow them to hear it for that long.

Discord: How angry would you be if I reversed gravity? Just for a day?

T.S.: Less angry, more disappointed.

*Makes a fort of books in the corner of the library* "Tell the yellow pony I'm not coming back, this is my new home know."

T.S.: And why should I let you stay?

Sorry, Dash- you can't wear that to the factory. It says right here in the employee handbook: "No wearing ticking vests marked "TNT" into work, even if a trusted pink earth pony friend made it for you." You'll have to leave it at home or give it back to your friend.

R.D.: Aw man, can I leave it at reception at least?

The rainbows may be high -- as they are made at the rainbow factory in Cloudsdale -- but mighty? *pushes a metal briefcase marked "nuclear football" under the table* Let's just see, shall we?

P.P.: Fool, you sudgest Pinkie blows up the rainbows with a football?  No, we need something flying, yes, unless…

Pinkie has a idea…


T.S.: That drink from the zebras.

You guys all know that the planet goes around the sun, right?

T.S.: And your point is?

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Thrackerzod: Perhaps you should resort to the default language here for public.